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I enjoy soda, lots and lots of soda, not diet soda though... that stuff is jacked up higher than a Chevrolet Silverado with a 10 inch lift kit.
I'm sure some of you have noticed the inactivity on my account here on DeviantArt, and of course, there is a fucking retarded ass reason why. 

On good ol' February 5th 2015, the DeviantArt staff decided to remove one of my drawings for supposedly "featured a character, or characters, from an established franchise in which they are primarily depicted as being under the age of eighteen"... Now, I'm sure any of you that carry about watching me on here (or anywhere for that matter) notice my excessive bitching about pedophiles and artwork depicting children in a sexualized manner... So let me tell ya, what the fuck kind of rule is that, DeviantArt? As long as the artwork isn't depicting the character as their underage anatomy in a sexualized manner, what's the difference? Hell, if I would have took the name "Scootaloo" off that artwork, it could have been a goddamn OC for that matter. It was just a of age, anthropomorphic character.

So, back to the story. As soon as my artwork was removed for the supposed "Underage" bullshit, I immediately sent DeviantArt's support desk a message (Feb 5th 2015) explaining my point of view and why I felt the reasoning was skewed... But come to find out, they don't give a flying fuck and they never replied to me... It took them until February 17th to reply to me for my first message and of course, that was after I was suspended. So yeah, kinda shitty when I fuckin' tried to contact them as soon as possible yet they blow me off until I get suspended. Neat.

This was my first message to DeviantArt's support team that was sent on Feb 5th and was not replied to until Feb 17th:

"I posted a Deviation yesterday at (2015-02-05 4:06:43 am) and it was removed today by a administrator claiming my image was depicting a child... Well to be fair, how does my image look like it is depicting a child when I drew the character with a matured, womanized body and continue to complain about the Inkbunny pedophiles on my profile constantly?

Does this make any sense whatsoever? Because I have other images with characters drawn with the EXACT same bodies and they aren't flagged... Ya know why? Maybe because THEY AREN'T CHILDREN. I drew the character based off of my fiancee who is 20 years old.... Obviously of age. I see no reason why this image was removed.

It's rather insulting to think that the staff doesn't diagnose a image like this that is supposedly "reported"... it looks nothing of the likeness of a child, nor was it supposed to be. It was a character drawn of age. Nowhere on the description, image or title is it indicating nor was it aimed to be a kid. 
When I drew it, I aimed this depiction of the character to be a OF AGE version, not a younger version whatsoever.

I was excessively insulted by receiving this message by a admin. Please take the time to read what I have wrote and see my side of the situation. You obviously have enough time to view and review reported images, so I would image ya'll would have the time to look over misunderstandings as well."

Then on Feb 11th, I decided to send them another message since I still didn't get a reply and that message is right here:

"Just as it says in the title, I submitted a inquiry over unfair removal of one of my Deviations 5 days ago... I don't know exactly what ya'll are doing, but I don't personally believe it's very great customer service.

For one of my Deviations to get removed twice over a false assumption and then to never get a reply to the support ticket I wrote over it is rather insulting. I don't know what you think I should do, but it's not making me think very highly of the administrative team.

If you ever do decided to respond, that'd be great. And I would hope you would have legitimacy and possible apology for this situation.


Still no reply... So on Feb 17th, I sent them another message since I found out I was suspended without notice...

"I wrote you fucking twice. FUCKING TWO TIMES and you fucking disregard that shit and suspend my account. Bull motherfuckin' shit my friend. Obviously the fucking reason ya'll are suspending my ass is fucking bullshit. It's obvious the motherfucking drawing isn't based on a goddamn kid you fucking assholes.



Still no reply from the support team... So once again on Feb 17th, I sent them another message regarding the fact nobody would reply to me on the support team:

"Once again I'm writing to the CUSTOMER SUPPORT HELP DESK to attempt to get SOMEONE'S ATTENTION.

I already wrote out my story in 3 other messages that I began to send on February 5th of 2015, none of which were replied to and now I'm suspended. So how the fuck am I supposed to believe there is confident customer service here?

You know what, if you folks don't want to write me back, I'd be totally fine with a damn phone call. Do you have a customer service line I can call? Because honestly, all the shit that has supposedly removed my deviations & suspended me has been AUTOMATED.


Yep. I was pretty dead set I'd never get a reply from these lazy fucks, so I was about to give up with it... but then the support team decided to reply with utter nonsense that didn't answer many of my questions and in result, just pissed me off even more. Here's what they had to say:

"Thank you for contacting deviantART, I will be assisting you with your support ticket.I have reviewed the records associated with this administrative action and I see that the content removed by our staff featured a character, or characters, from an established franchise in which they are primarily depicted as being under the age of eighteen (18).

Attempts to "age" the characters in order to depict them in a manner which would otherwise be prohibited will not be granted any exception. Official deviantART policy does not allow characters who are under the age of eighteen in their original context to be depicted in any nude, sexual or erotic fashion so your content was removed once it came to the attention of our staff.

Additionally, the deviation is considered a violation of our bodily fluids/wastes policy, and would be in violation of policy even if DeviantArt allowed for characters to be aged up.

The presence of a mature content tag or other "warning" of of any sort does not provide any exception to the restriction against this sort of material and that attempts at self-censoring is also no guarantee that the material will be considered acceptable.

Please take the time to learn the policies and restrictions which you agreed to obey when you created your account and began submitting your content so that you can avoid any further administrative actions taken against your account; repeated violations can lead to the termination of your account.

Please also note that abusive commentary is not acceptable behavior in the Help Desk, and continuing to reply with or file abusive tickets will result in your help desk privileges being revoked."

So of course I had to reply to them again...

"So you are telling me what I drew is supposed to be a child? Have you personally reviewed the image? Does it look like a kid? because honestly, I made it KNOWN in the description that it's not supposed to be a kid, and the character is not DRAWN to be a kid. So how is it a kid? Please answer me that one. Does the artwork depict a child? Because that is what it was removed for, being a child. Each time. Nothing else was mentioned once. Not any bodily waste/fluid rule was mentioned at all. It was removed for supposedly being a kid.

Do you honestly think I'd draw a kid when I made statuses complaining about Inkbunny pedophiles?

You said the character is PRIMARILY depicted as under 18.... so even though I STATED it was an adult, it was drawn with an adult body, and I mention she was modeled after my 20 year old fiance - that means it's still somehow a kid? That's BS and there's no way around it. I've seen dozens of characters who are canon underage but guess what? The artists draw them to look like ADULTS and state it is the character grown-up! So how is that applicable? It was not drawn to look like the canon design NOR was there ANY indication it was a kid.

The help desk didn't answer my first two inquiries that I started to send on February 5th and behind my back, I get a suspension? How does that work? Because NOT ONCE was it mentioned that image was removed for "bodily waste/fluids" it was always removed for SOMEHOW BEING A CHILD?! How?! Tell me how that makes sense!

It's about obvious that I don't deserve a suspension when I attempted to file a complaint with the help desk yet nobody ever answered me after nearly two weeks and then I get a suspension out of the blue for something I didn't even DO.

If you expect me not to be angry over this situation, I don't know what to tell ya. I'm rather pissed off to be fair. You guys are telling me to learn the policies when I thought I could DEPEND on a administrative team to help answer questions about why my Deviation was removed for a crime that I didn't commit. As I said it's obvious the artwork doesn't depict a child, which I was trying to get across the FIRST TWO TIMES.

I really don't know what else to say, I've said it all but yet my situation isn't even bothered to be dug into anymore apparently. I hope someone gets on a personable level with me for a decent reply."

So not only was I pissed off at such a stupid motherfucking rule, I was pissed off at the fact these dumbasses couldn't reply to me for over fuckin' two weeks which ended up getting me suspended... It's like it was planned or something... Anyways, they decided to reply this next time, but don't worry, it didn't add much to the situation:

"Hello agian,

"Attempts to "age" the characters in order to depict them in a manner which would otherwise be prohibited will not be granted any exception."

Regardless of what you intended the character to be, the character is canonically a child, and therefor DeviantArt does not allow the submission of nude, erotic or sexual imagery involving this character."

So yeah... I don't understand what kind of back-ass rule is against drawing a character that is "canonically a child" as a of-age, fully developed, adult... Kinda makes zero sense... I mean come on, people don't list the ages of their personal OC's and they draw sexualized pictures of them... It's not as they are being portrayed as children whatsoever when it said in my description (as mentioned multiple times before) that the drawing I made was based off a 20 year old female body... but I guess that's still "underage" in DeviantArt's sense. Anyway, after seeing that, I decided to reply once again...

"So you are telling me all this art out there on your site of Amy Rose, Blaze the Cat, Scootaloo, Applebloom, or any other character that is supposedly younger in their show/game can't be drawn as a older version of themselves? How and why am I targeted when I've seen it multiple times on your site?

Look at these for example, they are supposedly nude, erotic or sexual imagery involving the characters, but they depict the character of a matured age instead of as how they are canonically:……

Amy Rose is canonically 12 and Blaze the Cat is 14... But images like these are still on your site:……
Oh and Tikal is 14 year old as well:……

I don't understand how I am being targeted for my artwork when many others out there draw their favorite characters in a matured way instead of how they are in the show. Jeez guys, it's like you are TRYING to find something to flag me for.

It's about obvious to be quite fair that the image looked nothing like a child in my drawing. It's rather insulting you guys are bombing me for that too considering I have such a deep hatred for pedophiles.

So on a site that is supposed to be based on creativity and originality in it's user's artwork, what sense does it make to say "yeah, you can't draw a character that is 12 on the show and turn her into a 22 year old" That honestly blows my mind with stupidity.

What's to say the artwork I made was a OC and didn't list it's canon age? Would it be flagged too if it looked the way it did? Because IT LOOKS LIKE A ADULT... not a child. Without a age, one has to base judgement off of how the character is depicted. Depictions of underage characters is the issue, not taking a younger character and turning them into a older one."

Surprisingly enough, DeviantArt decided to reply to that one, but of course, the reply wasn't filled with any valuable information:

"Hello again,

All of those characters are considered underage and sexual imagery of them is not allowed. Violations are removed as quickly as possible, give the number of submissions on DeviantArt, some violations will remain longer than others.

My apologies but the deviantART Customer Service Center is not designed nor intended to address reports concerning deviations. There is a completely separate system which is designed to handle these reports and you may access this moderation system by clicking the "Report Deviation" link which can be found in the right hand column of each deviation page.

You can find more information on how and where to report deviations here:

Thank you for your cooperation!"

Obviously they didn't really read what I had to say if they thought I was attempting to report those Deviations... I was obviously just using them as a example to aid my point across, but no matter, it's not like DeviantArt's support team bother's to read or be personable with their community. Anyways, I was rather pissed off at them still and I couldn't really figure out how to get them to notice the fact THEY were the ones that didn't reply to me until nearly 2 weeks after I sent THEM a message... So here ya go:

"Is there anyone else I can be referred to at this point a time to deal with my issue here? I don't feel my messages are being read, it's obvious I wasn't trying to report those images, I was using them as a example.

Is there anyone I can speak with here that will answer me on a personable level instead of a bland, "read me rights, officer" kind of tone. I don't see how anything I have asked this whole time has been answered once.

Please, let me get my point across. Because all of this could have been avoided if my initial message was read shortly after I sent it on FEBRUARY 5TH."

I didn't really expect a reply, but they gave me a pointless short one that ended up never resolving a single thing:

"Hello again.
Your ticket will be transferred to the CEA team leader, as per your request."

At this point, I actually thought I'd get to speak with someone who'd do something, but they never bothered to reply to me... Here's what I said though, this one sums it all up exceptionally well (Feb 19th):

"Alright, this time around is there anyone that can seem to get on a personable level with me and see my side of the story?

We've got a few issues at hand, mainly is one regarding the two support tickets I sent to you on Feb 5th 2015 and Feb 11th 2015 regarding a image that was removed. I never received a reply to either of those support tickets and didn't manage to get a reply out of the customer service department until I sent two more support tickets after that (both on Feb 17th 2015) At that point in time, my account was already banned even though I attempted to contact the service department over a week ago prior.

That is my biggest issue. Secondly, as I was defending the whole time, my image looks nothing like a child and I don't see how or why it was taken down for that reason three times. Right on the day it was removed, I sent that first support ticket (Feb 5th 2015) to attempt to resolve some issues. 

Now, for whatever reason, it seems like it's against the rules to draw a matured, womanized version of a character that is canonically underage... Which I personally don't get because the image is not depicting a child. I obviously agree if a image depicts the likeness and anatomy of a child, it should be non-existent anywhere. In this case, my image did not look like a kid, it instead looked like a 22 year old female.

Anyways, my biggest reason right here. I fully believe and I have proof that I was targeted by a group of pedophiles from the site called "Inkbunny". I always talk them down for drawing sexualized depictions of childlike anatomies and I have a warm fuzzy feeling that they stalk my DeviantArt account and began to flag my content to begin with.... Considering I had no goddamn idea drawing a matured version of a character would lead to trouble, I obviously re-uploaded my image after it was removed twice since the help desk never responded to me.

Anyways, here's the proof those Inkbunny retards were attempting to get my DeviantArt suspended. I received this PM on my Inkbunny account 10 minutes after my account was suspended... If that doesn't throw red flags, what the fella said sure should. Why else would someone take notice that fast and act like a smart ass if they didn't have it out for me. Take a look PLEASE: (Here's a link to the screenshot and I attached a file of the screenshot just in case)…

Please, guys. I've tried to be as cooperative as possible, but I'd definitely appreciate some customer-oriented help this time instead of "read me the rights, officer" or ignoring my support tickets.

Thank you, hopefully someone actually reads my message this time around.

Inkbunny playing games again.png Inkbunny playing games again.png (quick view)"

Didn't matter though. No reply ever came from it so I decided to reply again (Feb 21th) and never ever got another reply... To this day the support ticket remains open and someone is still assigned to it. Basically the worst possible customer service ever:

"Am I ever going to get a reply to this?? This is pretty annoying to be quite honest. I don't understand after all this time I can't get a valuable reply to my inquiries."

And that's the sum of all the messages I sent to the support team, nobody ever apologized for ignoring my very first message, nobody ever apologized for ignoring MANY of my messages, and I guess I'm just supposed to be chill with that? Ya know, considering I blatantly messaged them as soon as my deviation was removed over the cause... But I guess that's none of my business.

And sadly, there is more to this shit. I really didn't have to do any kind of detective work considering the stupid ass pretty much made himself known... 
You probably noticed I mentioned Inkbunny multiple times in my messages... (especially in the few final ones)... Anyway, I definitely figure many of those flaming retards stalk my DeviantArt page considering this knucklefuck knew EXACTLY when I got suspended... 10 minutes after my DeviantArt account was suspended for that stupid bullshit I just explained, this Inkbunny pedophile named "arkthebear" decided to send me a personal message via my Inkbunny account... Want to see those messages? Cool, here:



Chevette (Me, TheIntimidator):

"Do you need help finding the human resources department?"

arkthebear (Inkbunny Pedophile):

"Were you trying to make a joke because I srs don't get it. You realise Human Resources is an actual thing, right?

Anyway I was mainly laughing at you getting suspended from DA, for underage porn of all things. You're such a card."

Chevette (Me, TheIntimidator):
"Well, I am the human resources department. Thank you for filing a complaint.

You and I both know that drawing isn't underage porn.
It's obviously drawn to be depicted as a woman and it was even listed as a adult underneath it (Even here on Inkbunny, go look. No way in hell does my drawing compare to your kiddie porn)... So, to be honest, not sure where anyone is picking up that line. There are many many images on DeviantArt depicting characters that are young in a show as adults in a sexual manner, which is not underage porn whatsoever.

The funny thing is, anyone could tell my account is suspended, but how do you know what it's for? That's what I'd like to know."

arkthebear (Inkbunny Pedophile):

"No, you're a douchebag on the internet who thinks way too much of himself.

It's a thin line, thin enough that Furaffinity doesn't allow aged up characters either, which led to an exodus of Sonic artists to move to inkbunny a year or so ago. And yes, there are characters that are aged up all over DA. Report them and see what happens.

I know you were suspended because of the Scootaloo art because I saw your pathetic journal whining about it. I didn't dob you in, you big baby.

btw how do you feel exposing young girls to pornography of their favorite cartoon characters? Listing something as adult only does so much, you should know better. DA's primary audience is under-18s (why do you think their fake currency exists?) and by drawing porn of children's cartoon characters and posting them on a website with a large userbase of children you're making the likelyhood of children coming across porn all that more higher. At least I tuck my immoral artwork away where they're unlikely to find it.

Also since they're all horses, I guess you secretly lust after actual horses? Do you want to fuck real horses? Then why draw porn of them, you sick freak?

Later :3"

Chevette (Me, TheIntimidator):
"You can explain why you think that because just because I have morals and I don't draw things that look like kids doesn't make me a "douchebag". It's fucking obvious that I despise pedophiles like yourself.  

You know, at least I'm not ashamed of my artwork where I have to go "tuck it away". Folks like yourself obviously have to run to the sidelines to post your sick ass child porn shit. Hell, at least when I joined this fucking site I didn't know it was filled to the brim with fuckin' kiddie porn. 
The difference between my art and your sick ass shit is I can post it without being ashamed. Hell, you admit you tuck it away. It's not like I uploaded my image on Deviantart without a 18+ mature filter on it. If any kid is getting on Deviantart, they obviously shouldn't be seeing images like that anyways unless they lied about their age to access the hidden mature content... which is against policy on any website.

Obviously the way I drew Scootaloo doesn't depict her as a kid like you Inkbunny pedos want... I instead gave her the same womanized body as any other character I'd happen to draw. Come on, you know damn well that if it didn't say "Scootaloo" in the title, the image would have never been flagged to begin with... because it obviously looks the part of a matured woman.

Dude, if you are going to bring up "little girls being exposed to pornography of their favorite cartoon characters" you are full of shit, and here's why:
Any sexual content on Deviantart is under a mature 18+ filter as I said before. If any little girl is wandering around on Deviantart, they sure as hell wouldn't be seeing any nudity/explicit content. Now as we both know, how the fuck is that adding to kids seeing porn? It's not. 

Hey, if you want to call me a big baby, sick freak, etc.. etc.. go for it. Because at the end of the day, I'm the guy that's against drawing sexual depictions of kids and YOU aren't. (Why else would you be pissed at me unless I had a big enough effect on you and your sick kiddie porn community? )

Oh yeah, now to get to your "real horses" bullshit. So, you're sayin' since I draw MLP characters in a sexualized manner, I want to fuck horses, right?
Do they look like real horses? Nah, nah... they look like anthro characters with matured, womanized bodies. I don't draw em' with pussies and titties that look like a real horse, do I? Nah... their genitalia happens to match those on a matured woman, not a horse OR a kid (for your sake lol)

I draw anthro characters with womanized bodies because my fiancée and I both like looking at that type of art. Not sure how drawing anthro with matured anatomies is trouble... especially since they don't look the part of a horse or a kid.

You say I'm full of myself yet you are the one trottin' into my PM's here on Inkbunny bragging that I got suspended on Deviantart by a bunch a butthurt pedophiles that decided to report a image for bullshit reasoning. 
I've got a inkbunny account, right? But one thing raises a few questions.... why are you stalking my Deviantart account? I don't believe I've ever seen you on Deviantart before. You must be pretty concerned with what I've been doing, right?

Anyway, at the end of the day, I'm the fella who draws things I don't have to be ashamed of, I'm the fella who has sex with a REAL woman instead of fantasizing over kids, and frankly, I could care less if you call me names because I'm not into kid porn."

arkthebear (Inkbunny Pedophile):
"Man the word count ratio I get out of you is incredible. You're violate the laws of conservation.
A perpetual comedy machine."

Chevette (Me, TheIntimidator):

"Damn, I must have thrown you back in your seat if that's all I got you to say after all that. At least tell me if you learned something... maybe that'd assist you for future endeavors... I know, it's tough... But it's not everyday you get to speak with someone as experienced and helpful as myself.

I'll take it you agree with everything I said then. Which is great."

arkthebear (Inkbunny Pedophile):
"You have zero self reflection. No idea how shitty a person you really are. You talk about murdering people, yet think I'm the bad guy? I don't want to harm a soul, not even the guy who literally wants me dead and somehow, in your mind, you the murder advocate is the good guy.

Your arguments are bull. You have strawmen up the ass and have a total lack of ability to demonstrate your opinions without breaking out into rants that always end up coming out like an oh so clever Sorkin monologue run through Google translate a bunch of times.

Pedophiles are an easy target. People generally hate them and they're an easy scapegoat. You love that, you love the idea of an easy target you can stomp your boot on. Life is a power game for you. First you capture a woman, then you show your trophy to the internet, demonstrating your possession to the other males as a form of dominance. That's not enough though. You want to go further, you want to stomp harder. You want to cause pain but you don't want to deal with the consequences.

So you have violent fantasies about murdering pedophiles. The perfect crime. It's not about what they think or even what they have done. You're a psychopath.

Also fairly obviously autistic lol"

And that's it... Wait, you wanna know why I didn't reply... Oh yeah, THIS GUY BLOCKED ME. So Instead, I left two comments posted on my Inkbunny account page knowing this guy would see em'... Considering these guys obviously stalk the shit out of everything I do since I always say I want to rid the world of people attracted to kids... Interesting, right? Here they are: (Notice, he never did reply... wonder why?)

Chevette (Me, TheIntimidator):

So you generate a reply to me via a PM, I reply and then you block me after only a few rounds.... You sayin' I have issues? Hell, I don't block people when they argue with me. That's as low as it goes, bud. Great, another passive-aggressive pedophile. What I said must have made ya pretty mad if it made you generate a reply and then block me before I could come on back to what you said. Talk about a coward."

Chevette (Me, TheIntimidator):
Oh yeah, ya gotta love what ya said here, bud... "You want to cause pain but you don't want to deal with the consequences."

Yep, I don't want to deal with the consequences... You blocked me dumbass. I was trying to deal with your child-lovin' ass... But as usual, that kiddie porn musta been callin' ya away from finishing something you started with me. Don't worry, same old song, different guitar."

Yep, so the true question is... How'd this fella know exactly when I got suspended... Let alone what DeviantArt said it was for... Obviously stalking the fuck out of my accounts, yet these passive-aggressive pedophiles do nothing except block you or fail to reply... Remember... these Inkbunny pedophiles are the very same faggots that say shit like: "If God didn't want us to draw cub porn, then why did he make such sexy kids?"...

Right. I'll leave you with all this shit... And if you want to bitch to me about it, make sure you read through it.

What did we learn?
-DeviantArt's help center has very poor customer service
-Inkbunny is full of a buncha butthurt pedophiles that get offended when you talk shit about them
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